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Messages mix in humor

by Jerry Cullum
For accessAtlanta

"Up Close and Personal" at Barbara Archer Gallery is a show of two kinds of intricate paintings from two very different personalities.

Fort Guerin's main topic is love, sex and the things that can go wrong or right with both. His paintings are full of words alongside vast numbers of cartoonlike pictures.

In fact, some of the paintings are mostly story, in very small lettering, done with paint and a brush instead of ink. The gallery provides magnifying glasses for the really determined reader. But the messages that are easy to read, plus the details of the images, make this part of the show definitely a grown-ups-only viewing experience.

Dorothy Netherland's paintings on double panes of glass also have messages, but they're much harder to interpret. She, like Guerin, uses humor as a way to keep things going.

And her recycled vintage images are meticulous. Her woman on the telephone, or her half-clad would-be diva, or her child offering a treat to a dog, all add up to a feast of vivid color and pattern even before we have the slightest idea what the paintings are about.

The tornado swirling through one of her works leads us to think that all may not be well in Netherland's world, either. But her titles - "1, 2, 3 Eyes on Me," "BFF," "The Pink Stuff Cures All" - don't give anything away, or at least not very quickly.

Dorothy Netherland recycles vintage images in her works, including "BFF".

ajc accessAtlanta, Thursday, February 14, 2008, Page 24

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