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Guinea Hens and Green Acres:
Photographers Explore the American South
Meryl Truett, Ellie Lee Weems, Carl Clark and Mark Starnes

November 18, 2005 - March 31, 2006

Barbara Archer Gallery present photographers Meryl Truett, Mark Starnes, Ellie Lee Weems and Carl Clark. Each artist explores the American South - its history, beauty and quickly changing landscape - with a sense of urgency to capture and commemorate the South they have known through the places and people that define it. Births, funerals, baptisms and other ceremonies, family portraits, Masonic orders, roadside signs and vernacular architecture are some of the icons that document the Southern experience. Through the use of varied techniques and processes, pathos and humor, these photographers challenge us to look at the South through a new lens. Displayed together, the images do not present a definitive vision of the South; instead, they invite the viewer to explore a range of emotions regarding Southern traditions and iconography.