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b. 1971

Raised in Indianapolis, J Ivcevich spent almost a decade in Brown County, Indiana. While living and working at a rustic, summer camp based in Native American spiritual practices and low-impact environmental living, he learned to make due with what was on hand and to never waste. He brings that lesson into his art, using images of unwanted objects and relics of everyday use. He defines his own work as a cultural bricolage, using whatever is on hand while changing the original purpose to inform and comment. He uses iconic imagery of urban deterioration and isolated scenes to explore the triviality of modern culture. Drawing our attention to places and objects that we might not normally see, he invites us to draw our own conclusions. In addition to visual art, Ivcevich has his own independent record label and hand-crafts a successful line of socks.

J Ivcevich graduated from Emory University, Atlanta, GA in 1994 with a BA in sociology. Since 1995, he has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions, and recently, received a grant from the Pollock-Krasner Foundation.