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b. 1966

Born in 1966, Sindy grew up in Beach Haven, New Jersey. An accident which occurred in her childhood has led Sindy to create work which questions and subverts our traditional notions of beauty. Sindy's drawings of the human form integrate magazine cutouts stapled to the page, which are further manipulated by scratching out the identities of the models faces. The work is provocative and full of rage, as well as beautifully descriptive of the pathetic nature of humanity. "There is a freedom," says Sindy, "that is only attainable while drawing. There are no rules, nothing is right or wrong, or socially unacceptable. There is no editing or censoring. A piece of paper is a place where anxieties can live painlessly. A fantasy can exist freely and unjudged. A drawing is merely a toy, a place for the imagination to play." Lutz's work shares her genuine pain with the audience, as well as her hopefulness and humor.