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(1931 - 2007)

Born in Union de Reyes, Cuba in 1931, Rosendo Pita was the epitome of a gentleman: kind, generous, blended with just the right amount of wit.  Pita fled Cuba in 1962, spending a short time in Spain before immigrating to New York City where he spent the rest of his life. 

Pita’s home, the one he shared with Peter Cristopher —his companion of 37 years, was a truly unique environment.  Every inch of their apartment was covered in art he made, found or collected.  These objects range from the rare and precious to those found in the street or in a 5¢-and-10¢ store.  Everything was combined; and in his eyes everything was precious.

Although his vocation was working in the hospital industry, he was also able to express his penchant for creativity.  His work was skillful and emotional, informed by his extensive travels, popular culture, New York City and (most importantly) his beloved Cuba.