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b. 1970

Born in 1970, Scott Griffin grew up on a farm on Scogog Island in rural Ontario, where he and his brother explored their world through artmaking. They made drawings and built forts, spaceships and vehicles from objects they found on their land. Scott Griffin still portrays a world filled with the same characters he has created and drawn since childhood. A self-proclaimed "pack rat," Griffin still works on objects he finds in the garbage. His images on metal include both the bush planes his father and uncles piloted, as well as figures representing himself and his brother. He uses an arc welder to burn his images onto metal, and allows the materials to guide his choices of imagery: "My drawings come from the materials; they tell me what to do." Griffin creates haunting landscapes sparsely populated by figures and an occasional airplane, automobile or building. The work simultaneously evokes a sense of serenity, as if capturing a moment of suspended motion, as well as a sense of loneliness. Scott Griffin's creations combine the roughness inherent in his materials with a highly contemporary sophistication. Scott Griffin studied at Ontario School of Art and Design, and currently lives and works in Toronto.